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This is the most awful product imaginable ...I have never heard my husband snore so horribly as the evening he wore this thing ...

and we couldn't get a refund ... the customer service is awful ... do not even waste your $$$ ... it probably cost them $5cents to have some poor little worker in China make this thing and we are paying over $100.00 for it ...

that would not be a problem ... but it simply does not work AT ALL ... please do yourself a faver and save your hard-earned $$$.

Not only was their product faulty ...the customer service was totally uncooperative and rude ...

Review about: Awful Product.



I know someone who used to work for this crook and they quit because of their deceptive practices.You are completely right about the medical waste disposal fee.

The owner or an employee drive to Lillian Alabama to his P.O. Box which is a cover because he runs the business out of Florida which all in it's own is shady and throws all the returns into the trash can at the post office. He pockets the money and most times will not refund the money at all.

My advice to you would be to file a complaint with the Alabama and Florida Attorney Generals Office and also the Federal Trade Commission and demand action be taken.:)

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